piedra papel tijera
Rock, paper, scissor. If Santa Claus brings you these things next Xmas, I bet you will feel annoyed and frustated beating the bushes for real gifts. Santa is as mad as a hatter. Are you kidding me?
Rock with erosion holes in it



Focusing on geochemistry of rocks, it turns out that granite, limestone or esmerald are the same thing: silicate.



Nevertheless, there aren´t emeralds hereabouts. For this reason, it is a pricey gift.
After all, a rock doesn´t seem so bad.




Fiesta :)
Paper isn´t a tough task. In fact, I am sure it might be the common present every Xmas. By the way, I have just received a book and feel excited to read it.
Books, tickets for concerts, sports, theater, shows or family events are    becoming in a superb idea. You aren´t keen on receiving a piece of paper to write, however you will be over the moon because of a expensive ticket to your favorite concert.

All of them are made of cellulose in spite of different uses.



Scissor is a useful tool and is up for grabs. Children, adults, mum, dad manage scissor quite a lot. Regardless of need, it ain´t a nifty present.

2014-12-12 20.27.35
Scissors are composed of carbon, silicon, manganese and chromium. Changing amounts from metal and non-metal elements, you may create gorgeous things such as instruments, key-ring and jewels.

2014-12-12 19.50.59

Although that gift is as ugly as sin, don’t look a gift-horse in the mouth.

Chemistry has come full circle.

fibonacci xristmas



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